Zoey Review: eCommerce Platform and Online Store Builder


Zoey is one of the top eCommerce software products. It offers a full hosting plan on your domain and presents an interface that allows you to add a product to the proper category directly from the category screen. You can also feature different designs for each of your main categories by creating multiple category design templates. Zoey has different pricing plans which are:

1. Professional Plan

There are hundreds of built-in features in this plan to help make your store look attractive and organized. You are not limited in the number of products which you can display as this plan offers more than enough bandwidth and storage. Its design is fully responsive and fits perfectly to any device. It is also easy to find a product with its product filtering feature. With its advanced analytics and reports, you can get a useful insight into what works in your online store and what does not. It integrates flawlessly with a point of sales, Amazon and Ebay. Checkouts are hosted on your domain with real-time shipping rates feature. It costs $89 monthly to own this plan.

2. Business Plan

This is a step ahead of the Professional Plan. It has every single feature of the Professional Plan and a whole lot more. It has a B2B functionality which is fine making it well poised to operate as an online store. You do not have to rely only on the themes available on the software as this plan affords you the opportunity to design your theme to suit your taste. Bearing in mind that an online store reaches every part of the globe, this plan has a multi-language and multi-currency feature to make doing business with people from other countries possible. It has a CDN feature and partners with Google Stores. You can get a customer group pricing in addition to its Sitewide HTTPS function. This plan goes for the sum of $199 each month.

3. Premier Plan

This is the ultimate pricing plan under the Zoey Software. It has all the functionalities of the professional and business plans. You get a lot of extra features under this plan. There are an Onboarding and training functions made available to people on this plan. For those who prefer creating their own design, they would get all the help they need from the support team of Zoey. It integrates quite well with custom apps. People on this plan are entitled to an Account Manager and do get Priority support. You get custom feature development when you take up this plan. There is also an in-region hosting option available.

Zoey has some specific features which are lacking in the other software. It can satisfy the many eCommerce requirements of its customers. With Zoey, you can use the customer satisfaction algorithm, which is behavior-based to get reviews and comments from customers. It does not stop there as it reviews a wide range of social media sites. Whichever plan you choose would offer you the best of Zoey to make your products displayed on your online store.

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