Wix Review: Ecommerce Platform for Beginner and Micro Business Owners


With Wix eCommerce, creating an online store becomes easy and yields outstanding results. Whatever it is you’re selling, your online store will have an appealing design and features fitted for your purpose.

However, is Wix really a good solution when building an eCommerce website?


What Wix offers is an intuitive interface through which you have access to most of the features that even other solutions, like Squarespace or Shopify, have.

The dashboard is based on a drag & drop interface, which is best suited for beginners or people looking for an easy way to do things. Wix also offers add-on support, through its own add-on market.

While add-ons are always useful and always welcome, Wix still lacks specific eCommerce-based ones. Don’t get me wrong, this doesn’t mean that you won’t be able to build an efficient online store, since Wix has all the fundamental features needed for the task.

Ease of Use

This is where Wix truly shines. The drag & drop interface works like a charm, is designed like a charm and, moreover, lets you do things like a charm. Wix is known for this, since ease of use has been their forte in site building.

Each of the parts of your page can be modified within the editor (a drag & drop editor). There is a taskbar on the top that lets you save, preview or publish your content, and also 5 buttons at the left, which give you control over what you want to edit.


All of this doesn’t come for free, but, luckily for you, prices aren’t that expensive. Wix’s payment plans include both yearly fees and monthly fees.

If you decide to pay everything in bulk each year, you’ll end up saving some money compared to the monthly fees through the course of a year, of course.

There are 5 plans to choose from, and prices can be as low as just $5/month and as “high” as $25/month.

Design & Templates

The templates are clean and sleek, but they aren’t a deal breaker if you’re looking for multiple eCommerce solutions. They are suited for people new to the eCommerce world, and want something easy and effective to use.

This is sustained also by the fact that templates are adaptive, and even on mobile there won’t be any problems.

Inventory Management

Again, the inventory is suited for beginners and it was made with ease-of-use in mind. Add your products, track them, see your stock and manage your orders. Easy and straightforward.

SEO and Marketing

If you’re looking marketing features, you’ll have to look up your add-on store. Marketing, in fact, can be done through things like email advertising or even search-engine ads. There are also other options to choose from, if you’re looking for more.


This is where the “ease-of-use” should’ve been left off in my opinion. PayPal definitely isn’t enough for payments. Once you’ve set that up, I’d recommend you search for other payment processing add-ons in the store.


SSL certificate? No, not this time. When processing a payment, users are redirected away from your site, where the transaction is then made secure. While this method works just fine, it may a little overwhelming for customers. Many don’t trust the internet that much, and they can be even more hesitant if they don’t see an SSL certificate that they’ve seen elsewhere.


Any problems so far? I guess not. In case you have doubts or problems, you can check out the Wix FAQ page, or send an email to the company. Their customer support has always been flawless.

Well then, is Wix the best solution for eCommerce websites? No. Is it the best for beginners that want to make a working and appealing eCommerce website? Yes, probably. Wix’s intent was that, from the very start. A capable, efficient and appealing eCommerce solution for beginners.

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