Shopify Review (Part 2 of 2): Benefits, Drawbacks, & Customer Service


Here is part 2 of 2 of our Shopify review. If you haven’t read our previous article, here is the link.


A good eCommerce will simplify your store management by a lot. Your business can be entirely managed and tracked, without you having to worry about the complex back-end of your website.

With Shopify come also:

  • Third party apps support, which either connects you to them or implements them to your website.
  • Customer management
  • Content creation tool, the CMS, which lets you create pages and add videos and images to your website.

The other main advantage that comes with Shopify is security. Everything is taken care by the company’s servers (which by the way are excellent). Updates will be automatically installed, so you don’t have to worry about that.

Shopify will also make backups of your data daily will be kept in their servers, which has advanced security systems with PCI for safe processing, 24/7 monitoring and 256-bit SSL certificate.

As everything, even Shopify comes with disadvantages.

Even if you can technically do everything with Shopify, site customization can be a little bit difficult for new users. While it is possible to change the look of your website relatively easily, a drag and drop menu would’ve been much more convenient. Customizing templates and your site with a simple move of the mouse is also tons of fun.

Advanced customizing is possible, but more difficult. If you find the necessity, you often have to touch the Shopify code, which unfortunately doesn’t use a mainstream language. You can either hire a programmer, or use the HTML/CSS editor to modify your page as you see fit.

However, you won’t find yourself in need of the advanced editors, since you have a lot of tools at your disposal, especially if you are a newcomer. With more than 100 templates and creation tools you can easily design an aesthetically pleasing website.

The company offers many resources in case you need help with Shopify or with any of its features.

The Shopify support team is available 24/7, and you can get in touch with them directly, either via live chat, phone or email. This is very convenient for newcomers and for small businesses that need help, also since the support team is experienced, reliable and friendly. Put the shyness away, contact them and ask for their help, sometimes not doing things alone is much more convenient and satisfying.

However, Shopify still offers enough resources for you to help yourself, which are the following:

  • The FAQ section, along with plenty of tutorials and guides from the manual.
  • The Forum is a great place to discuss with other Shopify users, in case you need some advice.
  • The eCommerce books and videos that teach you about the pros and cons of online selling.

If you can’t seem to manage your store well enough, you can rely on people sponsored by Shopify itself, the “Shopify Experts”. They are developers, designing and marketing experts which will help you with either building or growing your store.

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