Selz Review: Ecommerce Software for Digital Products


Selz is an inexpensive, intuitive and responsive eCommerce solution for selling both digital and physical products on the internet. It also offers a lot of features for managing and tracking your sales, contacting your customers and modifying your website pages.

One of the main advantages with using Selz is the convenient pricing and its affordability. You are offered a free plan, which is limited to sell only five products but that it’s more than enough if you’re just trying things out. All of the other paid plans have no limit on the product you sell, and they start at $12.99 per month, or $11.50 per month if you pay annually.

Regardless of the plan you choose, you’ll have to pay a processing fee, which will cost you 2.9% + $30, and a transaction fee, which will cost you either 2%, 1% or be free, based on the plan you choose.

Many think that building a website is something difficult, but in reality it isn’t and it shouldn’t been. Selz gets this thing right, offering one of the most intuitive designing and editing capabilities.

With Selz, you don’t need to know any programming knowledge nor any prior experience with other eCommerce software. The layout of the buttons and tools is clean and well organized, the navigation bar makes it easier to add products, list prices and sort your listings based on their availability or price.

What Selz focuses on is affordability, convenience and ease of use. This way, your main focus will be on managing your customers and tracking your sales. For digital merchants, Selz also offers:

  • SEO: this feature makes it easier for you to advertise your store, by ranking higher in Google searches for example.
  • Shopping Cart: while you might think that this is an obvious feature, it is not. Luckily, Selz offers a simple way to list the products your customers want to buy.
  • Security: the software is certified by PCI and uses SSL encryption, a powerful way to ensure your customers data and paying information.
  • Analytics: this is the main tool you’ll use for tracking your sales and see your statistics at a glance.
  • Multi-device: Selz is compatible with both tablets and smartphones, offering tools to optimize sales even for people who want to shop on the go.

If you ever need help in case you find any problems, Selz can support you in many ways.

If contacting the company via email is enough for you, you can do that by clicking on their “Contact Us” link on their website or simply sending them a message to their mail address. Since it usually takes a couple of days for you to get an answer, you can also use their live chat feature through their website, for a more immediate answer.

If you think that your problem is a common one, you can try to use the Support page, which has a knowledge base, a FAQ section and many video tutorials that help getting started or even develop your skills further.

Selz is overall an excellent eCommerce solution for those who are looking to getting started in the digital selling world. Thanks to its intuitiveness and ease of use, no tech skills are needed and the results are awesome.

However, if you are looking to expand your business in the near future, maybe Selz isn’t the best option, since it doesn’t offer those tools and those specific features needed for a developed business. Another disadvantage is the fee, which is per sale. Once you start selling lots of products each day, it isn’t convenient for you at all.

Long story short, Selz is the best solution for those of you who are looking get your online store started in no time.

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