Pinnacle Cart eCommerce Platform Review


If you want to create your own website, but you want it to be an online store with a cart and a checkout, Pinnacle Cart eCommerce is an easy to use solution, perfectly suited for this task. The main disadvantage when using Pinnacle is that is offers less tools and hosting options than many other solutions.

Pinnacle Cart offers many plans, which basically vary based on storage, bandwidth and the number of products available.

Design & Customization

Pinnacle Cart is one of the most time-efficient, straightforward and easy to use website building solutions. The design of your website can be chosen in just a couple of seconds, by choosing one of the many templates available. In addition, they’re highly customizable: if you want to modify them a little, you can do that by using the HTML/CSS editor.

You can change texts, images and edit your site as you see fit, even without any knowledge. Your whole website can be carefully planned and your products can be added in just a couple of seconds, thanks to Pinnacle’s intuitive interface.

One thing to keep in mind is that the website is live as soon as you create it, so other will be, just in theory, able to see it even if you haven’t finished it. That’s no big deal, but it’s important to note.

Payment Processing

The payment processing system is efficient and it works even on mobile, which is very convenient when customers check out website on their smartphones. Pinnacle cart offers a checkout, PayPal and other dozens of different gateways. Pinnacle cart will also let you keep your current payment processor, if compatible of course.


Pinnacle Cart offers many different security services, but they all come at an additional price. Based on the plan you choose, you’ll either have or not have these services, but if you need them you can request them and you’ll be given your price accordingly. An SSL certificate, for example, comes at an additional cost. In general, it’s best to take all the precautions necessary to avoid frauds and website attacks.

Customer Support

Pinnacle Cart will send you a confirm-mail once you sign up on their website, but that’s it for emails. You won’t be able to send them any, nor they will send you any in case you do. The only way to contact the company is by phone, which is free once you’ve selected the eCommerce plan.


Pinnacle Cart is easy to use and lets you design your eCommerce website in just a matter of seconds. However, the fact that it lacks many important features and that others come at an additional cost, is disappointing.

PROS: Easy to use interface, fast managing and designing.

CONS: No SSL certificate nor other anti-fraud features out of the box: you have to pay for them.

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