Optimizing Your Ecommerce Website for the Holidays


Holidays are something for which both consumers and businesses prepare and look forward to. More sales and more promotions, products related to specific times in the year are what makes holidays what they are. However, people also enjoy shopping from the comfort of their couch. With eCommerce, site traffic increase, more payments are expected and also discounts are “required”.

If you have an eCommerce website, you should prepare for holidays: they are the most profitable periods of the year after all. You should make sure that your website is in top shape, since it has to support more traffic and (hopefully) more sales.

Customize & Celebrate!

When a holiday season comes, you should customize your front page of your eCommerce website so that it looks different and more approachable. When users visit your page, they should feel the holiday season. Be creative and start experimenting!

However, this doesn’t mean that you have to exaggerate. Filling your website with too many lights, images and effects, isn’t what you’re looking for. Make the user feel the new season and make your site more comfortable to visit. Adapt the content you’re offering to the holidays if it’s within your reach.

Discounts & Highlights

The front page of your website is crucial. It’s true that one shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, but it’s also true that a nice cover will be more attractive. This is why your discounts and offers should be featured on your front page. The more products you feature and recommend, the more traffic there will be on your page.

A reminder, don’t exaggerate. Excessive advertising can also be frustrating.

Site Efficiency

Animations, big images and backgrounds look so cool! There’s nothing wrong with this statement. However, keep in mind that website aren’t just about prettiness. Websites should be easy and, more importantly, fast to access.

All of these animations and images can make your site much slower, depending on how many you put. Design is very important, but it isn’t all there is to a website. The most important part is to make your eCommerce store accessible by everyone, even people on slow connections.


With more people that shop, more money will transit. More money is definitely a benefit for you, but it may be also for dishonest people. Hackers can take advantage of this situation to attack websites. The best way to react to this situation is to learn what makes an attack different from another and adopt reliable security solutions, even if they’ll cost you.

Customer Support

This can be a little tiring and stressing, but you have to do it. Be available in case your customers contact you and answer them properly. However, I can guarantee you that customers aren’t looking forward to send mails when they shop. Make sure that you specify order details, if you want add a FAQ section and make the shopping experience easier for the customer.

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