Ecwid Review: Free Ecommerce Shopping Cart Solution


An eCommerce platforms for selling on the web? Ecwid, would be the answer. With over 1 million of users from more than 170 countries in the world, it’s a great solution for managing and creating your online store.


A great, maybe the most famous, feature of Ecwid is that which lets you take your old site and create your new one based on it. You can quickly integrate your previous online store to the Ecwid servers and start managing more efficiently. If you want to sell from another platform, Ecwid has the capability to do so.

Another great capability is the device synchronization, which makes it easy to manage and even sell your products from your smartphone or tablet. Every change in your website will be then synchronized between your devices.

But syncing isn’t the only thing that regards devices, for there are a lot of sharing and marketing possibilities: you can easily sell products on Facebook, if you need to. Track your sales and your orders, with in-real-time features.

There is much more to Ecwid, such as the coupons and discounts, pricing system and over 40 languages to translate your site into.


Ecwid is one of the cheapest solutions for creating an eCommerce website: it comes with 4 pricing plans, the first of which is totally free. It is, of course, limited: you can only sell up to 10 products. The other plans will let you sell much more, and the will come with the iPhone app.

Marketing & SEO

To get the most out of nearly all of today’s 3rd-party solutions for websites (and not only), you would need too use additional tools and features. Luckily for you, Ecwid comes with a lot of useful features to assist you in both SEO and marketing. If you use services like WordPress, your visibility on Google will be enhanced even more, thanks to other plug-ins.

Security & Payment Processing

Keeping costs low is Ecwid’s forte. For what regards payments, you will not be charged for transaction fees, which is really uncommon but convenient for those who want to keep costs as low as possible. However, since Ecwid is not a payment processor, so you have to setup services such as PayPal. However, they are the ones which come with transaction fees.

Another strong point of Ecwid is its security. Ecwid is in fact certified with a level 1 PCI DSS, the highest of the category.

Help & Support

Ecwid’s support is efficient and fast. They offer a live chat feature, which makes it much easier to solve any problems. However, there is also a knowledge base with most of the things you’d need to know, a forum and a FAQ section.

You can also email and call the company, in case you run into any problem unsolved or question not answered.


Long story short, Ecwid is a great way of selling online, maybe one of the best ways to sell on the web. It works flawlessly, it’s fast and easy to get a hang of, you can implement tools and features in just a couple of minutes. All of this at a really convenient price, even for free. Well, if you plan on selling just 10 products.

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