eCommerce Platform: Brightpearl Review


Online stores are very similar to physical stores in many aspects. There is accounting to do, inventories to manage, and of course, customers to satisfy. Being online also entails serving a greater number of persons every single second of the day. Brightpearl eCommerce platform offers a solution to online store owners on how to manage their accounting, customers, inventory, and much more. Some benefits to be had by using this platform are:

Supports Retailers

There are lots of innovations on this platform which are geared towards promoting retailers. By focusing on omnichannel retail strictly, this platform grows retailers by helping them make sales. This is also aided by the tools provided on this platform that makes retailers efficient.


When compared to other eCommerce platforms that offer the same features as Brightpearl, you would notice that this platform charges lower. The service and availability of basic eCommerce platform features are not compromised by the price being lower. People who opt for this platform would have savings in their pockets while enjoying all the benefits that come with using an eCommerce platform.

Seamless Integration

Brightpearl integrates smoothly with a whole lot of eCommerce platforms to promote your online store. This omnichannel platform is designed to connect to Amazon, BigCommerce, and other similar systems as a means to make your online store easy to be managed centrally. This is a big plus as it would help your online store to do better as an omnichannel business.

Inventory Management

Knowing what is left and in what quantity is all part of good business management. It helps you to know when to reorder for new products as well as know the worth of the products you have left in your store. With this platform, managing your inventory is pretty easy because it works in real-time. As soon as you sell a product, this platform has it updated immediately. This way, your channels are updated at all times.


It boils down to knowing if you are making a profit or not. With an automated accounting system enabled by this platform, invoices, orders, and payments are automatically handled. This takes away all the burden that comes with manually keeping your book of accounts.


Reports are used to get an insight on how a business is faring. It is not just okay to know that you made sales, it would be much better to know what product sold the most. In simple terms, reports offer you the truth as it is. Since it helps you to generate accurate reports, you are more confident making important decisions based on them.


Like every cloud-based business, accessing this platform is possible through different devices and locations. What this platform achieved by doing this is giving businesses the same opportunity as their customers who make orders from their tablets and phones.

Retailers who rely on Brightpearl do so in the knowledge that they achieve efficiency with the platform having their core operations under perfect control.

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