CoreCommerce Review: Top eCommerce Platform


Online Stores keep getting better by the day as eCommerce platforms provide more tools to excite both the Online Store owner and shoppers alike. CoreCommerce has not been left behind in the quest to help businesses create stores that would look elegant and professional. By signing up with them, tools are made available to you that would help in having your products sold online. Before deciding on whether it is a perfect fit for your business, take a look at some of the pros and cons:


1. Availability Of Ecommerce Solutions: There are different pricing plans under the CoreCommerce platform. As the plans go higher, additional features are added to them. This way, pricing plan which cost the most has more features than a cheaper one. This platform took time to structure their pricing plans in a way that would not hurt its customers. While there are differences in features as the pricing plans go up, the basic features like acceptance of payment, security, and the rest which are expected to be in any eCommerce platform are available on each plan. This is a good sign that this platform has the best of intentions towards its customers.

2. No Transaction Fees: This platform decided not to align itself with any payment processor. This rubs off well on businesses as they are not forced to deal with payment processors other than the ones which they are familiar with. They went a step ahead by opting against collecting transaction fees from their customers. All these aid the ease of doing business and is a way to help businesses which use this platform to grow. Transaction fees which may have been charged on them are now ploughed back into their businesses.

3. Hundreds of Themes to Choose From: There are over 200 themes available on this platform. This is good news for any store owner as it avails them with an array of themes to choose from when they build their online stores. With many themes to pick from, customers are allowed to have their creativity come to light as they design their stores.


1. Expensive: There are cheaper platforms when it comes to pricing plans. Compared to leading eCommerce platforms, CoreCommerce pricing plans are higher. This may make people not to want their platform.

2. Not So Easy to Use: The admin interface is not exactly the best to work on. With the progress in technology and design, this platform has not improved on its admin interface which makes it outdated. It takes users some time to figure where to find the features that they need.

3. Unresponsive Themes: Their themes seem to be a strategy to up the numbers without providing the much-needed quality. Only a handful of themes is responsive. In an era when people can access a site from various devices, the unresponsiveness of their themes is a big drawback.

Despite some of its flaws, the CoreCommerce eCommerce platform helps businesses to create professional looking online stores that have all the features of an eCommerce platform regardless of the pricing plan.

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