Big Cartel Review: Simple eCommerce Platform


Matt Wigham founded Big Cartel in 2005 as a medium to sell his merchandise as well as promote his band. Lots of people around the world now use the Big Cartel platform to set up their eCommerce Stores. The platform was designed with artists in mind. It is meant to be a medium that would help them reach their fan base. It has all the tools necessary for a small online store. This platform has the following pros and cons:


1. Set Up
It does not take a computer wizard to set up an online store on the Big Cartel platform. Setup is quite easy which is why a lot of artists have embraced it. Without needing to build a website of their own, they can key into this platform and within minutes, they have an online platform through which they can reach out to their teeming fans.

2. Seamless Checkout
This feature is in line with Matt Wigham’s purpose of creating this platform. The online store was created to sell merchandise. Offering a seamless checkout makes it easy for fans and shoppers alike to purchases. This seamless checkout also helps to convert visitors into paying customers.

3. No Coding Required
This makes it easy for non-programmers to build their online shops. It is encouraging to easily set up a website without having to bother about things like CSS codes and the others. People who can not afford hiring a computer programmer to design a website for them can now have one platform to satisfy their basic need of making sales.

4. Clean Interface
Locating what you want is not difficult in this platform. The interface was designed to be simple enough for every user to understand. This is important as it saves everyone some time, and to some degree, reduces how many times people may have to seek assistance from the support team.


1. No Integration
This is not progressive in a world where integrations are the order of the day. When a platform integrates with other applications, it increases what a user gets by making use of the platform. In the case of Big Cartel, by not integrating with third parties, its users are only limited to the things or features under the platform. Beyond that, they have nothing.

2. Does Not Support Multi-Language
Not everyone in the world speaks the same language. Even for those who learn the English Language, their lack of proficiency in it would make them appreciate an eCommerce Store that affords them the chance to express themselves in a language they understand. A lack of this feature would limit both the popularity of this platform and the number of people that would have embraced it.

3. Lack of Support
It is virtually a case of being strictly on your own. Anything you do not understand is your problem. A good eCommerce platform should have a support team to provide assistance to users who get stuck in one process or another.

4. Recurring Product
You do not know what you would get on this platform which is not fantastic either. Recurring products is a big driver of sales.

Big Cartel was designed with artists in mind, which explains why it is not as robust as many other eCommerce platforms.

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