Best eCommerce Software of 2017 List


To build a great online store, you need an eCommerce platform that can offer you all the features you need to turn out successful. It is important that they provide you with all the basic features expected from an eCommerce platform. The following is a list of best eCommerce Software of 2017:

1. Wix
As far as this platform is concerned, selling a product online is as simple as making your choice out of the many beautiful themes on the platform, customizing your online store to reflect the kind of business you do, and then sell as much as you can. You don’t need technical skills to sell on this platform effectively. Most features are as simple as a drag and drop. It offers so many templates that are not only designer-made but beautiful as well. In this platform, you get to create a professional eCommerce platform that would help you manage everything in one place.

2. X-Cart
This platform offers three pricing plans with no transaction fees charged on any of them. It allows you to display an unlimited number of products on your online store as well as receive orders. One feature which makes it suitable for all size of businesses is the unlimited administrative and staff accounts that it provides. Finding your store is enhanced because the platform is 100 percent SEO-friendly. Even if your visitor accesses your store through a mobile device, it would appear well because of its beautiful design and responsiveness.

3. WooCommerce
It does not take any expertise to install this software. As soon as you are done setting it up, your online store is ready to begin selling. If along the way you encounter one or two challenges, you can always get help from the platform’s dedicated support team. They work round the clock to make sure customers are well attended to. The safety of your store is not in question as an SSL Certificate, and a dedicated IP are given to you to secure your site when you sign up with them.

4. Shopping Cart
As soon as you create an account with Shopping Cart, building an eCommerce Store is simple. It allows you to promote your shopping cart and track your sales. As you design your store, you get to choose from the numerous template designs available on this platform. The designs are customizable, and you have the option of uploading your own designs if you want to. The Shopping Cart is an all in one platform that helps your business grow by providing every tool required to make your store a success. It provides a 1G online storage for your store as well as a full-featured email marketing.

5. Fortune3
There is no limit to the number of email accounts you can create under this platform. No need to know coding to build an eCommerce Store on Fortune3. There are 20 free template designs to choose from while the rest are paid themes. The templates are easy to customize if you so desire. If you want a blog on your website, this platform integrates flawlessly with WordPress to give you one.

From this list of best eCommerce Software of 2017, you can choose the eCommerce platform for your business.

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